Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order frames separately?

A: Absolutely, you have the option to order frames on their own.

Q: Can I have new lenses fitted into my existing frames?

A: The possibility of reglazing your own frames depends on various factors, including frame condition, size, shape, curvature, and your prescription. We recommend visiting your local store with your frames for a personalised assessment and a quote tailored to your needs.

Q: How can I understand my prescription better?

A: Deciphering your prescription is essential for the perfect lenses. Here's a breakdown:

- SPH (Sphere): Indicates the lens power for nearsightedness (-) or farsightedness (+). Higher numbers mean stronger prescriptions, influencing your frame choice due to lens curvature.

- CYL (Cylinder): Addresses astigmatism correction, with higher values indicating more oval eyes.

- AXIS: Specifies the orientation of astigmatism correction.

- PRISM: Used to correct eye misalignment, reducing double vision or headaches.

- BASE: Guides the placement of prism correction in your glasses. 

Q: Do I need to order online, or can I come in and order?

A: Ordering online offers several advantages:

- Extensive information at your fingertips.

- Diverse selection of styles, colours, and extras.

Q: How long are delivery times?

A: Delivery times vary by frame availability:

- Some frames are readily available from our London store or European warehouse.

- Special production may be required for certain frames.

- Please inquire through our web-chat for estimated delivery times.

- Single vision (sun)glasses: 4-10 business days for prescriptions between -6.00 and +4.00 diopters; 10-15 days for stronger prescriptions.

- Non-prescription (sun)glasses: 1-5 business days.

- Multifocal (sun)glasses: 8-14 business days.

Q: How much is postage and packaging?


- Postage within the UK is complimentary with your purchase.

- For European deliveries, postage is £20.00.

- For international shipments outside of Europe, postage is £30.00.

Q: What if my glasses are damaged, can I return them?

A: Please contact our customer support team to address any issues with damaged glasses.

Q: Is the online payment secure?

A: Absolutely, your security is our priority. We utilise cutting-edge 128-bit encryption to safeguard your information. We do not store your payment details, ensuring a secure shopping experience.

Q: Am I getting quality glasses?

A: Rest assured, our glasses are crafted to the highest standards:

- Impeccable Finish Quality: Hand-finishing elevates the product's fidelity and comfort for the wearer.

- Genuine Rivet Hinges: Our frames feature real rivet hinges, enhancing durability and longevity.

- Attention to Detail: We prioritise customisation and functional design details, ensuring both style and functionality in our frames.

Q: What is the strongest prescription Eye-Est will glaze?

A: We have the capability to glaze all prescriptions in partnership with Zeiss, ensuring we meet your specific vision needs.

Q: Is it worth getting UV coating?

A: Absolutely! We highly recommend choosing UV coating for your lenses. This clear coating provides crucial protection against harmful UV light, even during winter. UV exposure can contribute to eye problems like macular degeneration, so safeguarding your eyes is essential.

Q: What does anti-reflective coating do?

A: Our lenses come equipped with anti-reflective coating, which serves multiple purposes:

- It reduces reflections and glare from bright lights, enhancing visual clarity.

- Ideal for activities like driving and prolonged computer use.

- Makes your glasses more aesthetically appealing, as others won't experience glare from your lenses.

Q: Can I get my lenses thinned?

A: Yes, we offer three levels of thinning: 1.6 index, 1.67 index, and 1.74 index lenses. These indices refer to the refractive properties of the lens. Opting for smaller diameter lenses also allows for greater thinning, producing a sleeker result. Keep in mind that larger frames like aviator styles may not be ideal for very thin lenses, and semi-rimless frames require some additional thickness around the edges.

Q: What are polarised lenses?

A: Polarised lenses, unlike transition lenses, are consistently dark and provide exceptional sunlight protection. They effectively reduce glare from horizontally polarised sunlight while allowing vertical polarised light waves to pass through. However, note that they can hinder visibility of LCD displays in dashboards and radios.

Q: What are the lenses made of?

A: We utilise industry-standard materials, including CR39 plastic for most frames and polycarbonate for our rimless glasses, known for its strength and impact resistance. Our Zeiss Lenses are crafted from top-quality materials for exceptional clarity and durability.

Q: How do I interpret the glasses measurements?

A: Inside your glasses, you'll find a number like "52 18 135," denoting the size of your glasses in millimetres:

- Lens diameter (52mm): Determines the width of the lens.

- Bridge width (18mm): Indicates the gap above your nose between the lenses for comfort and stability.

- Side length (135mm, 140mm, or 145mm): The length should comfortably sit over your ears. Straight-sided glasses may not have this measurement indicated.

These measurements are influenced by your frame style, size, and prescription, allowing for a personalised fit.

Q: How can you be sure that the prescription lenses are correctly fitted?

A: Ensuring the precise fit of prescription lenses is of utmost importance to us. We follow a meticulous process that involves expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Our experienced opticians meticulously verify each lens to match your prescription, and our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees accuracy in lens alignment and positioning within the frame. We are committed to delivering eyewear that not only meets but exceeds your vision needs, ensuring your utmost satisfaction and visual clarity.

Q: How long does an eye examination take?

Our eye examinations take an hour. Our Optometrist is a hospital recognised optician who shall look after you and does a thorough check on your eyes. This will include an OCT scan as well as