Common Eye Problems


As part of the process of ordering your glasses, our Dispensing Opticians will take some measurements to make sure that the lenses are centred correctly in the frame you have chosen.  These are very important measurements as they, along with the design of the lenses being used, will ensure that you are getting the most accurate and comfortable vision through your glasses regardless of where in the lens you are looking.

Some Opticians measure your Pupil Distance (the distance between your pupil centres) and this is fine, it is better than guessing or using a gender based average as some online companies do!  However, at The Eye Establishment we prefer to make sure that Optical Centres are measured on every individual frame you are using as the position of your eyes can be different from one frame to the next.  Optical Centres are more accurate measurements as they are influenced by how the frame actually fits on you and takes into account any asymmetry, the vertical position of your eyes, how the frame sits on your nose, how tilted or curved the frame is and how far away the lenses are from your eyes, in each specific frame.

It is for this reason that we cannot provide any measurements for frames and lenses you are having made up elsewhere.  It is the responsibility of whoever is making up the glasses to take these measurements, as getting them wrong could cause problems such as double vision, headaches, distortion and make your vision generally uncomfortable.