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      Lindberg is only available in store. We do not sell Lindberg online. Please phone or email, or use the chat box below for further information.

      Includes: Original Lindberg case - Original Lindberg cloth - 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
      We are official authorised retailers for LINDBERG Eyewear.

      Explore the world of original Danish eyewear design and find your next pair of award-winning handcrafted titanium glasses here.
      We sell and stock all Lindberg frames, the epitome of design and craft.

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      The spirit titanium collection is clean design at its best, giving you the ideal glasses if you’re seeking absolute minimalism.The spirit hinge is the perfect embodiment of the collection as a whole. With its minimalistic design it is the ideal fit for any of our lightweight rimless models.

      What makes the spirit models’ appearance truly special? The glasses have been expertly designed to obstruct nothing on your face, furthermore: they are among our lightest. The perfect mix of subtlety and comfort. The beautiful rimless glasses can weigh as little as 1.9 grams making them the embodiment of ultra-lightweight eyewear.

      Customise the classics

      The spirit titanium collection is an icon among rimless eyewear. The designs come in many shapes and sizes and can be customised using our unique building system to fit any face shape. This means we are giving you the freedom to put together the perfect piece. Every pair is a one-off item made-to-order and meticulously hand-finished in-house.

      A testament to titanium

      The collection is a testament to the possibilities of titanium in rimless eyewear. As the first to use titanium successfully in eyewear, we have spent over three decades mastering the raw material to perfection.

      An important feature

      Temples are one of the most important features of your rimless glasses. Our delicate spirit temples come in numerous variations based on: elegant titanium wire, expressive titanium plate and colourful acetate – all are made without the use of screws. A wide variety of different temple designs is available in a multitude of beautiful colours – perfect for expressing your personal style.


      A pair of acetate glasses is the perfect accessory to complete any timeless look, simple, but stylish – an everyday classic. As the name suggests, the acetanium collection masterfully pairs the finest natural acetate with signature titanium.

      It combines the expressive look of acetate with the adjustability and benefits of titanium. All handcrafted and sculpted for balance and precision. It is fashionable eyewear with an innovative unisex design, set apart by the exquisite interplay of colours of the acetate front and the elegance of the titanium temples.

      The acetanium collection has to be experienced to be believed. The ingenious titanium reinforcement of the acetate bridge has allowed us to create the slimmest and most elegant acetate bridge ever seen.

      The titanium nose pad arms, customisable temple length and multi-adjustable temple ends make the acetanium collection one of the most comfortable acetate eyewear collections in the world. Form and function, beautifully realised.


      The n.o.w. titanium collection has the perfect balance of expressive look and lightness with our signature elements: thin composite fronts and lightweight titanium temples.

      The front of n.o.w. glasses is made of premium-grade composite. This unique material provides a softer, translucent look featuring discreet transparent polished, semi-transparent or matt colours.

      Our innovative techniques have made it possible to produce an ultra-thin composite front, utilising the fibres in the material in the best possible way to maximize strength and flexibility.

      The remarkably thin composite front combined with the ultra-lightweight titanium temples and screwless hinges means that a pair of n.o.w. glasses weigh as little as 2.3 grams – almost next to nothing. And it is hypoallergenic, too.


      Acetate is an all-time favourite when it comes to carefully choosing your next fashion statement accessory, your new pair of sunglasses for the season. Our acetate shades have the exact same benefits as our optical acetate eyewear. They are as stylish and fashion forward as they are lightweight, durable, flexible and hypoallergenic. And more than that; they are a luxury piece of authentic Danish design.


      It is no secret that LINDBERG is curious when it comes to innovation. They like to dig deep into the materials they use, and push them to the limit through design ingenuity and technical development.


      At LINDBERG we always pride ourselves in choosing the right material for our glasses. Titanium is one of the most ingenious natural elements, which possesses unique properties. Titanium is ultra-lightweight, flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, and non-corrosive. 

      Titanium is a natural element with unique qualities. The metal is ultra-lightweight, durable and extremely flexible. These qualities make it possible to adjust your LINDBERG frame to fit your face perfectly.

      You can always tell a LINDBERG frame by the iconic hinge designs. The patented titanium hinges are made with no screws, rivets, or unnecessary elements.

      ACETATE – a natural material

      Acetate is one of the earliest made synthetic fibers, which is made up of a polymer derived from wood pulp and/or natural cotton fibers. Since the late 40’s, acetate has been used for eyewear. The material has a deep gloss and high transparency and has the widest range of finishes, from polished to matt. It is lightweight and hypoallergenic, just like titanium.

      Not all acetate is created equal. At LINDBERG, selecting only the finest natural acetate – made from 80+% cotton – for superior colour, greater strength and the widest selection of designs. Like every material, from their signature titanium right down to medical-grade silicone nose pads, acetate is fully hypoallergenic, too. 


      the LINDBERG building system

      At LINDBERG we are renowned for our culture of innovation. The company itself is founded on a revolutionary eyewear concept – we call it the LINDBERG building system

      The concept is first and foremost about giving you the freedom to create your perfect pair of personalised glasses. At the heart of this personalisation is customisation – giving you more than one billion different configurations for your next pair of LINDBERG glasses.

      The customisable elements are many and varied, with your own choice of colour, size, temple length, nose pads and more. Each piece is a product of great knowhow and craftsmanship.

      customisable acetate eyewear

      The collection comes in a variety of shapes in a range of beautiful colours – from classic vintage-inspired hues like matt black and havana to statement, fashion-forward choices in bold primary colours. Like all LINDBERG glasses the acetaniums are highly adjustable, making them the most comfortable acetate eyewear you will ever wear.

      colourful choices

      The acetanium collection includes a multitude of handpicked colours. Primary, black, clear frame glasses, polished finish, matt finish - our acetanium designs cover it all. All you have to do is choose your favourite colour combination from our selection.

      The LINDBERG fit is a perfect fit for any face, as our temples come in different lengths and are adjustable. You also have the option of choosing between different multi-adjustable ergonomic nose pads made from suitable material like medical silicone designed for optimising comfort.

      To underline the handcrafted quality of LINDBERG, each piece is bestowed a unique product number. Furthermore, since each pair is made-to-order we engrave your name in your LINDBERG glasses – making them truly one of a kind.

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