The origin of LGR Eyewear

As a leading optician in London, The Eye Establishment is dedicated to bringing you a vast selection of the most stylish and well-crafted frames available. LGR eyewear is the perfect example of this - an exquisitely designed selection of glasses that draws its inspiration from Africa and its artistic manufacture from Italy. With a strong and loyal following, each pair of LGR glasses is a celebration of both innovation and tradition. 

The origin of LGR Eyewear 

The LGR brand finds its roots as far back as 1936, in the heart of Asmara, Eritrea. Raffaello Bini was originally sent there as a war photographer by the Instituto Luce. Upon completion of his assignment, Bini remained in the city and opened Foto Ottica Bini - a small downtown store that sold and developed film. The business gained local popularity and Bini eventually expanded his range to include optical frames and sunglasses imported directly from Italy. In 1974, when Eritrea was faced with a civil war, the store was sequestered and he was forced to return home. 

Moving forward to 2005, Raffaello Bini was awarded a special grant to revisit Asmara in order to collect the belongings he had left behind. He took his grandson, Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, with him and it was this decision that saw the birth of LGR eyewear. During the trip, Ruscone discovered a model of sunglasses seemingly from a bygone era. They looked nothing like he had encountered before, exuding a whimsical and timeless beauty that captured his attention. Bringing these glasses back to Italy upon his return, their popularity grew quickly and Ruscone was able to track down the original manufacturers to begin creating a small production of these authentic frames. 

This is where the LGR eyewear brand first began its international climb to the popularity heights at which it sits today. 

Italian craftsmanship at its finest 

LGR glasses were never designed to be seasonal, disposal accessories. They are handcrafted for durability, using traditional methods and a keen focus on innovation to create styles that stand the test of time. Each one is crafted by three artisanal families, each of which builds each frame from scratch. Production of any pair, from the Asmara II to the Dakhla, takes anywhere between 8 and 14 weeks. This process includes everything from careful material selection through to tumbling - a process where each frame is spun within an octagonal container filled with beech and birch wood chips. The continual and gentle abrasion eliminates imperfections and creates a smooth surface which is then hand polished. 


Each pair of LGR glasses also features fire-stamped branding on the temples, created by heating brass characters that are impressed into gold foil. It is in these finer details that the brand manages to distinguish itself from the competition. 

Here at The Eye Establishment, we bring you the finest fashion eyewear brands available. LGR is hailed as one of the best sunglasses brands on the market today, with styles that compliment your chosen aesthetic with ease. From statement cat eye silhouettes to classic aviators, our selection boasts a range of styles you’re sure to love. Browse LGR online or get in contact to learn more.