The Origin of Garrett Leight Eyewear

At The Eye Establishment, we focus on bringing together the industry’s leading brands with the expertise of our highly experienced team. Garrett Leight is one such brand – a cool-kid eyewear company that has swiftly gained a cult following with celebrities and fashion-forward individuals alike. With a varied array of timeless and trend-focused styles to choose from, they revolutionise your look instantly. While the name may feel new on the tongue, the brand has actually celebrated over a decade of success and embraces its own rich heritage fully through every single design.

The origin of Garrett Leight Eyewear

Garrett Leight didn’t just step into the eyewear industry by chance - it was ingrained in his blood. His father, Larry Leight, is the Founder and Creative Director for the iconic brand, Oliver People. Celebrating laid-back luxury, Larry created a brand that solidified its position in the fashion industry while embracing the music and culture of the 80s. It was this inspiration that pushed Garrett Leight to launch his own brand in 2010 that he named GLCO (Garrett Leight California Optical). 

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Much like his father, Garret drew inspiration for his designs from the world around him. The brand was born from a celebration of the culture and creativity of Venice Beach. The ultra-California brand aesthetic continues to this day, with many collections capturing the pastel-toned colour pallet and strong celebrity allure. The goal with GLCO was to create a cult brand that focused on classic branding and offered one-of-a-kind experiences to all of its customers. Much like Oliver People, Garret focused heavily on the manufacturing process. Each pair of glasses is entirely handmade using the honed skills of artisans who prioritise a keen eye for detail over all else.

To ensure they stood out from the crowd, GLCO hasn’t just promoted their own glasses single-mindedly. They have collaborated with influencers in the Californian circle, from graffiti artists to sports stars. Mini launches of limited merchandise have elevated their brand to all new levels. For example, the eyewear brand collaborated with LA-based Design & Furniture Company, Modernica, to create 100 unique chairs. These sold out in just one month, demonstrating the popularity of the brand and its ability to drive exposure over one-of-a-kind partnerships.

Discover GLCO eyewear at The Eye Establishment

Those seeking stylish and ever-timeless eyewear need only delve into the world of GLCO to discover frames that suit every style. From the recognisable shape of Kinney Sun to the vintage feel of Clune Sun, each frame boasts the VC/CA 90291 stamp as a reminder of the brand’s Venice roots. Each pair comes with an original GLCO case, cloth and one-year manufacturer’s warranty along with the promise of many a compliment during wear.

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At The Eye Establishment, GLCO eyewear stands alongside a host of other leading brands to create a collection designed to inspire and delight. Whether you’re searching for GLCO sunglasses to ward away that Californian sun or GLCO glasses to improve your vision, we’re here to help. Our experienced and professional team provides a host of services, from comprehensive eye examinations to prescription checks to support you at all times.

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