The importance of contact lens fitting for new wearers

Contact lenses are a popular solution to vision correction. Negating the need for glasses - which can get misplaced or broken - they can be popped into the eye in the morning and taken out at bedtime. Many wearers have them as an addition to their glasses, using them for playing sports or as a more practical option when it’s rainy.

Whether you have decided to try contact lenses to correct your vision or are exploring coloured contact lenses as an aesthetic enhancement, getting a proper fitting is essential. A wide range of brands and styles of lens are available, so it’s important to understand which suits you best. Here, we explain the importance of contact lens fitting.

Prescription and comfort

A contact lens fitting is critical for new wearers, or for anyone who is changing the type, brand or prescription of their lenses. It’s important to note that contact lens prescriptions are different to those used for glasses, since lenses sit directly on the cornea, while glasses are perched on the nose. As such, the fitting is key to enjoying clear vision. If you’re interested in coloured lenses with no prescription, it’s still vital to purchase them from a reputable optician and brand such as the BELLA range. During the appointment your eyes will be measured to ensure the lenses sit comfortably in your eyes and don’t cause any issues with your vision.

Needs and lifestyle

Another reason for your contact lens fitting is to help you decide which kind of lenses suit your lifestyle best: hard or soft, daily or monthly. Your optician will ask some basic questions about your needs and lifestyle to determine what solution may be best. For example, if you’re prone to allergies that affect your eyes, they’ll be able to recommend the best type of lens to avoid irritation.

Insertion and removal

During your appointment, your optician will ensure that you are comfortable and confident when it comes to putting in and taking out your lenses. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you can insert them and remove them safely. If you are using soft contact lenses, you will also be shown how to check if they’re inside out. Lenses that are inserted when inside out are uncomfortable and can cause blurry vision and eye watering, so it’s important to be able to rectify such an issue.

Lens and eye care

Caring for the lenses themselves is a key part of your fitting. Your optician will explain how to clean and store them to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that could harm your eyes. You will also be offered information about how to keep your eyes healthy while wearing contact lenses. Dry eye can become an issue for some wearers, so it may be necessary to limit the length of time your lenses are in.

Contact lens fittings with The Eye Establishment

Here at The Eye Establishment, we offer fittings for prescription contact lenses and coloured lenses. We’ll ensure you take home the right lenses for your needs, measure them to achieve the perfect fit, and teach you how to use and care for them. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.