The Benefits of Having a Second Pair of Glasses

Choosing just one pair of glasses frames can be a challenging process. As well as considering the practical elements, you also want ones that fit with every item in your wardrobe and allow you to flit between work and personal life with ease. Some styles on the market offer this flexibility but one of the more popular solutions to this conundrum is having multiple frames available to you. Read on to learn the key benefits of having a second pair of glasses on hand.

Dita Amorly

Practical versatility

Eyewear should elevate your confidence, but prescription glasses are first and foremost a tool for improving eye health. Whether you’re short or long sighted, they need to bring relief to tired eyes in a range of different situations and help to create more consistent, reliable vision. Often, wearers need slightly different lens types or prescriptions for different activities. The glasses that magnify words on a page will likely distort on-coming cars while you’re driving. A second pair of glasses allows you to maintain correct vision, no matter the activity at hand.

Flexibility with style

As with handbags and shoes, glasses become a statement piece that helps to showcase our chosen style. You could opt for frames with timeless appeal that work just as well in the office as they will on a day out with friends. However, a more practical option would be to choose two frames that you can switch between to suit any event. For example, the Eyevan Erwin frames have a classic square shape and elegant silhouette that blends perfectly into formal situations. Alternatively, the Dita Amorly frames bring a strong, avant-garde glamour with feminine charm that will take your going-out outfit to new heights.

Eyevan Erwin

Solution for breakages

Modern glasses are made to withstand everyday wear but this doesn’t make them immune to damage. Rimless frames are some of the lightest on the market but also the most vulnerable to breakages. Some plastic frames can also become loose or misshapen. With many wearers being completely dependent on eyewear to improve their vision for everyday activities, it makes sense to have a backup pair of frames on hand. If your main pair requires a repair before you can wear them again, you’ll have an alternative on hand. The best opticians will be able to help with glasses repairs and readjustments.

Support eye health

Having a pair of glasses also benefits regular contact lens wearers. If you develop an eye infection or notice dry-eye symptoms, you may want to give your eyes a break from contacts. Traditional frames provide this respite, maintaining clear vision while allowing your eye to heal fully.

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