The benefits of blue light-filtering glasses

Blue light-filtering glasses have become a hot topic of conversation in recent years. With mobile devices and computers integrating themselves firmly into our everyday lives, people are questioning what impact exposure to screens can have on our health. More specifically with our eyes, what impact can blue light have on our sight and visual wellbeing? Here, we look into these claims in more detail to discover the benefits of blue light-filtering glasses.

What is blue light?

Blue light is part of a spectrum known as ‘visible light’. This is what the human eye can see and is made up of all different colours, including red, green and yellow. It is estimated that one-third of all visible light is considered blue light. Each colour has a different wavelength with blue being the shortest and having the highest energy. It scatters further than other colours, making it one of the easiest to see. 

The main source of blue light is sunshine. Digital devices, including smartphones, computer monitors and tablets also emit blue light, albeit only a fraction of the amount from the sun. It is this exposure to blue light that has been a topic of research for many years, with scientists seeking to understand whether it could be detrimental to eye health.

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The impact of blue light on eyes

All visible light rays pass through our eyes, allowing us to see different colours on different surfaces. Due to its short wavelength, blue light passes through the easiest. Making its way through the cornea and to the retina, it is this pathway that has caused many scientists to question whether too much exposure could cause damage. Digital eyestrain, irritation and blurred vision are all noted as symptoms of too much blue light. 

Blue light is also known to disrupt the body’s sleep/wake cycles – known as the circadian rhythm. Exposure to it, particularly after dark, can persuade the brain that it’s still daytime, delaying the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. 

There is concern that over-exposure could cause permanent damage to the retinal cells, leading to potential sight issues. While there is currently no scientific-backing to prove these claims, many people are choosing blue light-filtering glasses as a cost-effective and preventative solution.

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The benefits of blue light-filtering glasses

Blue light-filtering glasses feature specialised lenses with a protective coating. This blocks out around 65% of blue light, preventing it from reaching your eyes. They are hailed as an effective option for those who use technology regularly. Whether this is for work, socialising or even gaming, wearing blue light glasses is said to reduce the likelihood of eye strain. Some research shows that these glasses lenses can:

  • Improve the quality of your sleep, tackling issues including insomnia.
  • Reduce the possibility of eye-strain and irritation.
  • Prevent headaches caused by excessive screen use.
  • Potentially offer long-term eye health protection.
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