The 10 most popular LGR frames

Having developed a reputation for exceptional quality and design, LGR swiftly soared to the height of popularity after its launch. Today, it continues to have a passionate cult following with those who appreciate the handcrafted frames and traditional methods used during creation. LGR Frames are one of our most beloved brands here at The Eye Establishment. Whether you’re searching for designer sunglasses for your travels or classic frames that complement formal wear, you'll discover the perfect pair.

Here are ten of the most popular LGR frames in our collection.

1. LGR Twiga

An icon in its own right, the Twiga is a bold cat-eye frame that makes a statement with any outfit. The soft tortoiseshell detailing, tapered silhouette and hand-polished acetate make these frames an elegant choice for both formal and casual events.

2. LGR Pilot

A modern interpretation of the beloved aviator form, the Pilot offers heightened durability and style. The solid double-bridge offers additional strength while a darkened tortoiseshell pattern compliments all colour palettes. They are both elegant and masculine - favoured by style-conscious individuals.

3. LGR Suez

The LGR Suez frames are a celebration of formal design. They are crafted with inspiration from Swiss architects, embracing a square silhouette with hand-hammered rivets. The deep tortoiseshell pattern has universal appeal while the hand polished finish is a trademark of the much-celebrated brand.

4. LGR Dancalia

The beauty of LGR is their ability to elevate classic styles, which is exactly what they have achieved with the Dancalia. These round glasses have a delicate frame crafted from durable acetate, and a mid-tone tortoiseshell pattern that perfectly befits the office.

5. LGR Cleopatra

The perfect hybrid between round and cat-eye, the Cleopatra frames take their inspiration from the Egyptian Queen. With a sleek butterfly silhouette, they have the grace to compliment every face shape while suiting all styles.

6. LGR Dakhla

Go bold with your chosen earwear and fall for the Dakhla frames. These large and square glasses exhibit confidence in every outfit, injecting impeccable style into your look. They are perfect for casual wear - a fashion icon’s ultimate accessory.

7. LGR Orchid

For those who are unafraid of assertive fashion, the Orchid frame features a sharp, cat-eye design that brings structure to rounder faces and a tortoiseshell pattern that adds ephemeral warmth. They instantly dress up minimal and timeless outfits.

8. LGR Reunion

Available with gradient glasses for a truly vintage look, the Reunion frames are inspired by Italian Military Officers. They have a small, round silhouette with Zero-Base flat lenses that enhance their unique look. Designed for the budding adventurer with a penchant for style.

9. LGR Teos Bold

A firm favourite for all LGR enthusiasts, the Teos frames go bold with thicker, oval-frames and hand-polished acetate. They are a seamless blend between avant-garde design and contemporary beauty - ideal for both men and women alike.

10. LGR Tripoli

Generating an air of unrivalled confidence, the Tripoli frames bring angular design into your look. They are bold and wide, with a flat top and hand-polished acetate along with a host of colour options to suit your personal style.

With their handcrafted design and versatility, it’s no wonder that LGR frames continue to be one of the most covetable and sought-after styles. As Kensington opticians, The Eye Establishment brings you the latest trends and names within the eyewear industry. Our website makes it easier for you to buy sunglasses online, while our boutique on Old Brompton Road is where you’ll find our experienced team who are here to support during your visit.