Should glasses match hair colour?

Hairstyle trends evolve and change every season. While the pixie crop may be hailed supreme one month, 70-esque blow-outs and natural highlights can slip ahead the following season. The perfect hairstyle matches your personality and fashion choices - including the glasses you wear. A key question to consider when choosing new frames is, should my glasses match my hair colour or contrast with it? Read on to learn tips and advice from The Eye Establishment team.

Glasses for red hair


Having its own resurgence in popular culture, red hair pairs beautifully with warm-coloured frames. Think browns, coppers and gold tones that bring out the red and blonde hues in your locks. If you’re someone who goes bold with their personal style, consider strong contrasting colours for your frames. Red and green are complementary colours, sitting directly opposite one another on the colour wheel. This means that red heads can easily style frames like the Lunor A6 246 in Schwarzwaldgruen when they want to make a statement.

Glasses for blonde hair

LGR Orchid frames in Havana Tartarugato

Blonde is an incredibly versatile hair colour choice. If you’ve opted for a warmer tone, consider a light tortoiseshell such as the Brooks frame in Bio BTO by GLCO eyewear or a gold metallic style. Those with cooler tones running through their hair can get away with bolder options, such as the LGR Orchid frames in Havana Tartarugato. In general, we recommend avoiding very dark styles or yellow frames with blonde hair as these can be overpowering.

Glasses for brown hair

Mykita Lite Niba frames

Much like blondes, brunettes have near-on free-reign when it comes to eyewear styles. Lighter brown styles compliment tortoiseshell and bronze frames as well as warmer reds, such as the Mykita Lite Niba frames in ruby. If you’re a darker brunette, avoid pastel tones but instead consider metallics. Silver contrasts really well with dark brown hair and the Dita Schema Two frames in antique silver will pop against your locks.

Glasses for grey hair

GLCO glasses, Kinney Sun in Chestnut.

The beauty of grey hair is that it makes for the perfect base to be experimental. Bright and bold colours offer a strong contrast, as do deep shades of purple or navy. Be confident with your style and choose the Dior Wildior BU frames in blue or stay subtle with the GLCO glasses, Kinney Sun in Chestnut.  Try to avoid yellows or golds though.

Tip - If you’re undecided on your next hairstyle and colour, we recommend taking your glasses along with you to the hairdresser. This way, you’ll be able to discuss all available options with your stylist to identify the right colour, cut and style to suit your eyewear.

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