New Season Trends For 2023

The latter end of the year brings with it crisp winds, fallen leaves and a wave of AW23 fashion trends. From the catwalk to the high street, brands step into a new dimension with their latest designs – especially when it comes to eyewear. While glasses are a long-term investment, they are still a means of expressing your personality and bringing style to the simplest of outfits. At The Eye Establishment, our curation of trend-focused glasses allows you to transform your look during these winter months. Read on to discover the new season trends for 2023 that are capturing our attention.

Flower Power in the modern age

Garrett Leight is an independent eyewear brand, recognised for their style-focused, high-quality and handmade eyewear. Each piece is heavily inspired by the people and stories of California, and the AW23 collection is no different. Here, the Summer of Love 1967 evolves from a celebration of free love to one aligned with the modern world. The brand cites its inspiration as the counterculture that exists in California – one where rents may rise but modern flower children embrace their manicured wellness routines with a passion. The result is a range of retro-inspired frames, thickened with coloured acetate and finished with tinted red/brown lenses.

Step into your free love era and discover Garrett Leight sunglasses such as the Woz Sun frames. Characteristic of the ‘60s and ‘70s, they boast a rectangular silhouette with a host of vintage colourways to explore.

Street art re-imagined

Always one to think outside of the box, Garrett Leight has stepped into AW23 embracing colour and street art fully. Their latest collection with French artist, André Saraiva, captures the freedom of graffiti through a collection of Hampton X frames in various colourways and design details. The curation celebrates soft tones – those intrinsically linked with Californian opulence – with wearable styles that easily insert themselves into your everyday. Each one draws inspiration from the brand’s very first and best-selling frame, originally launched over 10 years ago. With a thick acetate design and AR-coated lenses, they bring timeless style and a dash of unique charm to your look.

Hampton X - Tuscan Tortoise

Discover the original Hampton X frames today and embrace distinctive style in your everyday.

Step into the afterparty

California is renowned for its celebrity allure and there’s no lack of afterparties following red carpet events. Garrett Leight has chosen AW23 as their season to embody this fully. Their new collection takes inspiration from the pre-digital age – a time when the paparazzi were the only ones privy to these hoards of beautiful people through their lenses. The collection focuses on classic silhouettes, timeless designs and styles that have an air of exceptional luxury.

Frames such as the Jerry or Byrne fit the bill perfectly. Simplistically styled but versatile enough to transition from morning to night, they allow you a snippet of red-carpet life.


At The Eye Establishment, our dedicated team is here to identify the perfect pair of trend-forward and timeless eyewear to suit your needs. Garrett Leight sunglasses for women and Garrett Leight men’s sunglasses allow you to do just this while embracing that indulgent edge that California projects onto the world. We are one of the leading Garrett Leight stores in London, with a wide selection of frames to choose from. Our specialist opticians also provide important eye health services, including comprehensive eye examinations and prescription reviews.

If you need an eye examination or would like to discuss your needs further, then contact The Eye Establishment. We have a variety of designer glasses and sunglasses that will suit your needs.