How to measure up: Pick your perfect sunglasses

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, your priority should always be having adequate protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. For many of us, a comfortable frame that enhances our appearance is also important, so with that in mind we’ve compiled a guide to choosing fashion eyewear that looks and feels great.

Face shape

It has long been known that different types of sunglasses look better on different faces. As such, you’ll need to consider your face shape when selecting the best sunglasses brand and style for you. While everyone is unique, face shapes are generally categorised as follows:

  • Square faces suit round and aviator styles.
  • Round faces look great with a square or rectangular frame, particularly if it has narrow rims.
  • Heart-shaped faces suit oval styles and larger frames, such as aviators.
  • Oval faces can create a striking look with square frames or a softer look with round frames, but should avoid narrow frames, which elongate the face.

Getting the fit

The shape of the frames is only part of the picture. In addition to choosing the right style for your face shape, you should pay attention to the following:

  • In order for your sunglasses to provide adequate protection, the frame should be as broad as your face at the temples.
  • The frame should cover the entire eye, and where possible, go a bit higher to prevent light getting in from above.
  • Bold or patterned frames can really make a statement for those wanting a striking look.
Square round sunglasses

Getting the look

Once you’ve chosen the right style of frames for your face it’s time to consider colour. Different colours complement different skin tones and hair colours. Warm skin tones look great with yellow, red, brown or green frames, while cool tones suit purple, blue, grey or black frames best.

As for hair, blonde goes well with pastel shades and light, transparent frames, while red hair looks striking with autumnal colours such as copper, or contrasting hues like green.

Those with brown hair suit a wide variety of colours, from pastel shades to dark blue or black, and black-haired individuals should opt for strong colours such as grey, smoky blue or black. 

Oval sunglasses


Now that you have the perfect frames, you’ll need to pick a suitable lens. Lenses come in a range of different colours, from grey, green and blue to brown, yellow and red. The colour you choose is largely down to preference, although yellow lenses are particularly good for foggy conditions or at dawn and dusk. Grey lenses are considered one of the best colours for driving, while blue lenses are less suitable for travelling on roads.

Sunglasses with a mirror tint are ideal for snow and water sports, since they protect the eyes from the glare created when light hits the lenses and is reflected back. A gradient, meanwhile, is ideal for driving as they’re darkest at the top and brighter as they go down. Polarised lenses can minimise glare from wet roads, snow or bright sand.

Round sunglasses

Find the perfect sunglasses

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