How do I choose a new optician?

 Along with our bodies and minds, proper eye health needs to be a key focus for us all. Sight is one of the senses that we rely on the most. It keeps us safe, allows us to navigate the world and preserves our independence as we get older. It therefore pays to choose the right optician for our annual sight tests and eye health assessments. But what should you look for in an optician? Here, we outline some key considerations when selecting an establishment to take care of your eyes.

The importance of a good optician

Sight is something that we all lean on every single day. Regardless of whether you wear glasses or haven’t noticed a change in your vision or eye health, regular testing by a fully qualified optician falls under basic self-maintenance. The right optician can help not only to identify changes in your sight that may impact your ability to enjoy your favourite hobbies, but can also spot the onset of degenerative eye conditions early enough for treatment to be effective.

How do I choose a new optician?

Not all opticians are the same and it’s important to identify what you want out of your chosen specialist early on. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a new optician:

  1. Consider location

Healthcare appointments are notoriously challenging to fit into the daily chaos of modern life. Choosing an optician who has easy transportation links and is well-situated will help you overcome any hurdles when booking an appointment.

  1. Look at their reputation

Much like other healthcare professionals, opticians gain a reputation with their customers. The most reliable way to find a good one is to seek out reviews online or ask your peers for a recommendation. Browsing the optician’s website will also give you further information about the services they offer and the qualifications of their employees.

  1. Independent or chain

There are benefits to both, but in our opinion independent opticians can provide the most fluid continuity of care for their customers. With a lower staff turnover and a team that is genuinely dedicated to improving eye health for their patients, independent opticians can often provide a higher level of care over a longer period.

  1. Consider technology

Optical technology is constantly evolving with development now allowing for more detailed eye examinations and early detection of sight-threatening conditions. The best opticians will have the right technology to diagnose any issues and support your ongoing treatment plan. This is particularly important if you have a family history of glaucoma, macular degeneration, myopia or other conditions.

At The Eye Establishment, we pride ourselves on being independent opticians in Kensington with a team of dedicated, fully qualified and passionate individuals. Our opticians utilise the latest technology to assess eye health and carry out comprehensive sight checks to ensure you have the right prescription for your needs. We also stock eyewear from leading brands, ensuring you can correct your vision with confidence.


If you are looking for a new optician or need to arrange an eye test in Kensington, book an appointment with us today.