Glasses And Confidence: Embracing Your Spectacular Self

Glasses are some of the most commonly worn accessories globally, and over 70% of UK residents wear corrective eyewear or have had corrective eye surgery. Improving your vision and supporting eye health has become commonplace for many, and feeling great with your glasses on is as important as ensuring your sight is crystal clear. Here at The Eye Establishment, we’re passionate about promoting the many benefits of quality eyewear, which is why our experts have compiled some tips and tricks to help you feel confident in your glasses at all times.

Find the right style of glasses for your face shape

Glasses come in a host of varied styles, colours and designs to suit you. One of the best ways to identify the right pair is to understand your own face shape and the type of frames that match it. There are six main face shapes - square, round, heart, triangle, oval and diamond - and below, you’ll see our tips for identifying the right style of glasses for each one.
  • With square face shapes, opt for a round or oval framed pair that is wider than your cheekbones and will soften angular features.
  • With round face shapes, bold and angular frames help to sharpen your features, so choose a rectangular or cat-eye frame.
  • With heart face shapes, oval frames or rimless frames help to bring balance to the face.
  • With triangle face shapes, an oval frame will soften cheekbones while browline glasses help to accentuate definition.
  • With oval face shapes, a square or geometric frame will emphasise balance and compliment your narrower chin.
  • With diamond face shapes, cat eye or oval glasses will draw attention to your eyes and soften angular features.

While any of these pairings will help to boost your eye-wearing confidence, they are by no means restrictive. The most important thing is that you find a pair of glasses that make you feel great.

Buy more than one pair for different occasions

With so many brands and options on the market, many of us get drawn to more than one pair of glasses. A brilliant way to boost confidence is by choosing a pair of glasses specifically for an event or situation. For example, you may opt for a rectangular frame for working at your desk and one that makes you feel more professional. For a night out, a cat-eye frame or geometric frame may bring more personality to a look, accentuating your chosen outfit.

Consider a splash of colour

If you’re unsure what suits you it can be easy to opt for black or metallic frames just to make the choice simple. However, choosing frames with a splash of colour can ensure they complement your complexion and help to boost your confidence. Frames come in a wide range of colours, from trendy tortoiseshell hues to rose gold and even purple, making your glasses a true fashion accessory. Clear frames, such as the Garrett Leight clear glasses are also easy to wear, suiting a variety of skin tones and face shapes.

Seek advice from seasoned experts

It’s always advisable to seek the opinion of an expert when choosing glasses. Here at The Eye Establishment, our team will be happy to guide you towards the right frames to suit your face shape and help you feel confident. Whether you’re looking for lightweight, thin-rimmed glasses or a bold and trendy style such as the Garrett Leight Kinney selection, we’ll help you choose frames that make you feel fabulous.
If you’re looking to find the right pair of glasses, or you need to book a comprehensive eye test that examines both your vision and overall eye health, visit us at The Eye Establishment. As one of the best opticians in London, we offer tailored support for every customer, and provide high quality eyewear from the world’s foremost brands. From Dita optical glasses to Garrett Leight Kinney sunglasses, you’re sure to find the perfect pair to suit you.