Five tips to maintain your glasses and sunglasses

As an essential part of everyday life for some 69% of the UK population, glasses require care if they are to last. Similarly, sunglasses are both a fashion accessory for the summer months, and a way to prevent harmful UV rays from entering our eyes.

When it comes to maintenance, many of us assume a quick clean with the microfibre cloth provided is enough, but if you really want your lenses and frames to stay in peak condition, there’s lots more you can do. Here are some top tips for eyewear maintenance.

Rinse with water

It’s all too easy to reach for the hem of your T-shirt to wipe dust from your lenses. Unfortunately, doing this can cause more harm than good. Wiping glasses while they’re dry can cause minute particles to run across the lenses and cause abrasion, and if you’ve invested in designer sunglasses, that’s the last thing you want.

Instead, rinse glasses with water before wiping. This ensures the dust particles are swept away from the surface of the lenses. You should also make sure you use the right cloth; napkins, tissues or paper towels are too coarse and may cause scratches, whereas microfibre cloths are softer and protect the lenses when you wipe.


Store appropriately

When you’re in a hurry, you can find yourself throwing your frames into your bag without a second thought, but this increases the risk of scratches. Instead, ensure you store your eyewear in a case or a specially designed cloth bag to keep them clean, unharmed, and in shape.


Avoid excessive heat

In the summer, you are likely to be carrying your eyewear with you, which can lead to you leaving them in direct sunlight – in your car, for example. Excessive heat can cause frames to warp and the lenses to crack, leaving you without glasses at all. Remember to put them away in shady spaces, or carry a case with you to prevent heat damage.


Maintain regularly

Routine maintenance helps to ensure your glasses fit properly and remain in good condition. One way to ensure the frames don’t become loose and fall off is to periodically tighten the screws. If you require any additional adjustments, you can always pop into our Kensington opticians to get them sorted.


Keep them away from chemicals

Glasses and sunglasses can be easily damaged by the everyday chemicals we use in our homes, such as ammonia, vinegar and window cleaner. When you are wearing your glasses, try not to let such products come into contact with them as they may wear away the lens coatings or even corrode the glass itself.


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