Different styles of Eyevan glasses

Seen on celebrities and dignitaries alike, Eyevan has risen to such dazzling heights it’s no wonder that their glasses are some of the most coveted on the market. As the first fashion eyewear brand in Japan, they redefined eyewear, creating a statement that has become celebrated the world over. Every design released celebrates the brand’s keen focus on timeless design and durable materials. This has made them the brand of choice for many household names, and as such they have been seen perched on the noses of Princess Diana, Madonna and many more. An investment in quality eyewear should always start with a consideration of style.


Here are the different styles of Eyevan glasses available.


Round Eyevan Glasses 

As a brand best known for its seamless blend of functionality and style, Eyevan’s round-framed glasses are some of its most beloved. They complement sharper facial features, softening off prominent lines and sitting effortlessly on the nose. Take the Eyevan Balure frames, for example. With their ingeniously designed metal frame, they pay homage to the 30s and the early 1900s. Lightweight enough for all-day wear, these frames allow you to heighten visibility without compromising on style. They also come with a unique W-bridge design that partners together a saddle-bridge piece and integrated soldered bridge arms for added strength, a feature found in many Eyevan frames.


Aviator Eyevan Glasses 

Another timeless silhouette, Eyevan also boasts a wide selection of aviator-style frames. Originally designed to improve the visibility of pilots, they are now highly sought after and have the ability to complement all face shapes. Many of those designed by this iconic Japanese brand use lightweight and ornamental metal to suit all wearers and ensure comfort throughout the entire day. The Eyevan Paragon frames are personal favourites, with their classic shape and Italian-vintage inspiration. They hark back to the ’70s when this style first found favour and can be paired with a range of coloured lenses to accentuate your own look.


Square Eyevan Glasses

For more formal styles, the Eyevan Square frames are often chosen by those seeking to elongate their face. They hold true to the classic silhouette originally celebrated by the brand and take it to a whole new level, with carefully crafted details and premium materials. The Eyevan Xoc frames are a perfect example. They feature uniquely engraved temple cores with a European vintage touch and an elegantly deformed pentagon shape. Perfect for the office and throughout the day, they gracefully complement both masculine and feminine styles.


Oval Eyevan Glasses 

Those seeking softer lines than square frames should consider Ovale Eyevan frames. With the same dedication to quality, and options in both metal and acetate, they accentuate eyes and soften cheekbones. Those with heart-shaped faces will particularly like these frames - especially those who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design. The Eyevan Swinger frames exude this effortlessly. The engraved metal bridge and 1930s inspiration pair together to create eyewear with a near-rimless aesthetic.


Eyevan glasses are celebrated universally, with styles to suit every face shape and style choice. At The Eye Establishment, our in-store and online glasses shop is the ideal place to find a pair of glasses to suit your needs. We have a highly skilled team of sales professionals and eye opticians who can provide a range of optician services while helping to identify the perfect style for you too.