Choosing contact lenses for active lifestyles

Whether your penchant is swimming, running or weights, maintaining an active lifestyle is something that many of us prioritise every single day. While glasses are a comfortable and stylish solution for everyday use, they are not always appropriate for physical activity. As such, many people turn to contact lenses to ensure they have crystal clear vision for their favourite sports and activities. With such a wide variety of options out there to suit your budget and requirements, as well as advice from the best opticians, there’s sure to be a solution that meets your needs.

The benefits of contact lenses for active lifestyles

There are many reasons why contact lenses can make taking part in your preferred activities easier. Contact lenses provide: 

  • A wider field of vision without restrictive frames, reducing the chance of injury and offering more visibility during play
  • A more comfortable fit that accommodates the curvature of your eyes to minimise irritation and prioritise vision
  • More stability in your vision without the risk of movement, slipping or jostling
  • A reduced risk of breakages - even if you’re hit in the face by a ball or fall over
  • Clearer vision that isn’t impacted by changing weather conditions
  • A less obstructive solution that allows you to wear headphones, helmets or other sporting gear.

Choosing the right contact lenses for active lifestyles

For most sports and activities, contact lenses will free you up to fully take part. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations to take into account when choosing the right options. 

Reusable or daily

Both daily and reusable contact lenses are ideal for use during sports. If you’re someone who plans to be active every day, daily contact lenses will reduce the maintenance required while giving you clear vision throughout. If your most active days are more spaced apart, consider reusable lenses. They will need to be cleaned fully after sport to eliminate sweat, grime and dust, but when stored appropriately, they only need to be replaced every two to four weeks. 

Hard or soft

Again, both hard and soft contact lenses can work well for those with active lifestyles. Soft lenses provide heightened comfort, creating a barrier against unwanted sweat in the eye. They also cause minimal distraction, allowing you to focus on the activity at hand, making them ideal for group sports and activities such as running. Hard lenses or Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are ideal for longer-term wear. They maintain their shape and positioning during the most rigorous sport. Also known as GP lenses, they allow your eye to breathe better and are ideal when working out in hotter climates.

Find the perfect contact lenses for active lifestyles with The Eye Establishment

Regardless of which contact lenses you decide to try, it is imperative that you have a comprehensive eye test tailored for this purpose. At The Eye Establishment, we are one of the best places for an eye test in London, offering comprehensive examinations that deliver accurate prescriptions and personalised advice. Our Contact Lens Fitting appointments assess your eye health and ensure the most comfortable fit for you - imperative when staying active is your main goal.

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