Benefits of reading glasses and why you should use them

If you’ve started struggling to read or have to squint to see things clearly close-up, it may be time to consider reading glasses. This is one of the most common complaints we hear at The Eye Establishment – and one of the main reasons why people visit our Kensington opticians. All prescriptive eyewear is designed to improve your vision but reading glasses are specifically tailored to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Read on to discover the main benefits of investing in reading glasses and why it’s important to use them once you do.

The benefits of reading glasses

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For many, reading glasses aren’t required 24/7. They are a tool to sharpen your vision when you need to see words or items up close. This means they are commonly overlooked - many of us just plough on, squinting and drawing paperwork closer to our faces to make out each word. Choosing to invest in quality eyewear, however, will:

  • Counteract presbyopia - Unlike nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia), reading glasses are used to help with presbyopia. This is a condition that impacts eyes as they age, causing the lens of the eye to thicken and become less flexible. As a result, objects that are close-up appear blurry. Reading glasses refract light before it enters the eye to clarify your sight.
  • Support overall eye health - Prescription glasses play a key role in eye health, specifically by slowing down the progression of degenerative diseases or natural ageing. By minimising eye strain and fatigue, your eyes get a rest and are supported in their everyday activities.
  • Not just for books - Contrary to popular belief, reading glasses aren’t just for books. They improve close-up vision for all sorts of daily activities such as writing, working and using digital devices.

The importance of reading glasses

It’s true that reading glasses aren’t compulsory – in fact, many people choose to continue with their normal glasses to help them read. However, if you aren’t otherwise using prescriptive glasses, reading glasses are an effective way to minimise long-term eye damage or health conditions. Wearing them means you won’t need to squint to read at a comfortable distance. It can also mean you aren’t struggling with headaches or fatigue.

Choosing the right reading glasses

At The Eye Establishment, we have a team of professional and highly skilled opticians who will determine your prescription and help you choose the right reading glasses. With leading brands including GLCO eyewear, you’re sure to find the perfect style within our range. Our selection of GLCO glasses can be fitted with lenses for reading and viewing close-up objects comfortably, while our trend-focused GLCO sunglasses enable you protect your eyes while out and about. Book an appointment today for a comprehensive sight test and assessment of your eye health, and to find the ideal reading glasses for your needs.