5 celebs spotted wearing Eyevan sunglasses

Since 1972, Eyevan has managed to build its own pedestal within the glasses industry. The brand’s focus on shifting the perception of glasses from practical details to fashion-forward accessories has led to its ever-growing popularity. They were originally picked up by the Los Angeles-based store Oliver Peoples, which catapulted them to a global audience. It was this that raised their profile and has meant that many of their frames join the collections of celebrities from all different fields. 

Here are five celebs that have been spotted wearing Eyevan sunglasses over the years. 

American singer/songwriter - Madonna 

One of the most renowned celebrities ever captured wearing Eyevan was the world-famous artist, Madonna. Back in 1995, the American culture magazine PEOPLE featured the singer sporting a pair of Eyevan sunglasses. The bold and full-coverage frames showcased her bright smile and stood as the starting point for the brand’s rise to fame in the US. 

Diana, Princess of Wales 

Perhaps one of the most internationally recognisable princesses from the British Royal Family, Diana Frances Spencer was widely known for her unique style. From her coiffured hair to the statement jumpers, few dignitaries had such a significant impact on cultural fashion than Princess Diana. She was also well-known for her collection of sunglasses and was spotted on numerous occasions with Eyevan glasses perched on her nose as she went about her duties. 

American actor - Brad Pitt 

Best known for his roles in Fight Club and Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt has a continually evolving style that is beloved by men and women alike. His sunglasses in particular have become an iconic accessory throughout Hollywood history with numerous brands using his style as inspiration. The actor is a big fan of Oliver Peoples, having worn their own-brand glasses in films including Mr & Mrs Smith and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He has also been pictured in Eyevan glasses on numerous occasions, having taken a fancy to their signature aviator styles and coloured lenses. 

Canadian singer - Justin Bieber 

Having risen to fame as a young teenager, Justin Bieber has a strong following of dedicated and passionate fans. He has grown up in the spotlight, with many paying attention to his style as it changed and matured. The singer is known for his blend of eclectic outfits and traditional details which is where Eyevan frames come into play. He has been spotted wearing the Model 797 pentagon-framed glasses which perfectly complement his face shape with a vintage edge. 

German motorsport racing driver - André Lotterer 

André Lotterer is a German professional racing driver, currently racing for Avalanche Andretti Formula E in the FIA Formula E Championship. He has been on the scene for a while now, garnering a team of dedicated followers. Over the years, Lotterer has worn many different distinctive sunglasses - each of which has been chosen to complement his angular face shape. The Model 762 round-frame glasses have proved one of the more popular choices, with a double-bridge design and gold-framed lenses. 

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