What makes DITA eyewear unique?

With ever-evolving styles and designs, eyewear has the power to transform your look in an instant. DITA is a brand that’s renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, inspired by generations of artisans and designed to embody ever-lasting beauty. Its ethos of ‘perfecting the art of eyewear’ translates into every frame that’s released onto the market. Read on to discover what makes DITA eyewear truly unique.

The History of DITA

Launched on to the Japanese market in 1995, DITA stepped in to deliver discreet luxury with innovative technology and timeless silhouettes. The past 25 years have seen the brand solidify a leading position in the market - one that is admired by many and embraced by style-seekers, celebrities and sports personalities alike. Each pair of glasses is designed from scratch over many months to ensure every element meets exacting standards. In fact, the brand claims that a single frame within either the DITA glasses for men or DITA glasses for women collections can pass through the hands of up to 100 artisans or master craftsmen. With approximately 320 individual steps and decades of collective experience, DITA’s designs provide a benchmark against which others in their sphere are judged.

What makes the brand so unique?

DITA eyewear remains eternally unique for the following reasons:

1. The designs are crafted by artisans who have spent as much as 50 years perfecting their craft.

2. Each frame is created from the world’s finest materials and acetates, hand-selected by the brand.

3. DITA glasses are crafted in some of the world’s oldest eyewear factories and finished with signature polishing techniques.

4. Each pair is printed with recognisable branding, signifying an on-going pledge to maintain innovation, authenticity and quality.

5. All DITA acetate frames are slowly tumbled in hand-cut bamboo chips to create a rich, high-quality finish that glides onto the bridge of the nose.

6. The manufacturing craftsman use custom-made metal dies with specialised head presses to create each unique frame.

7. Individual eye rims are hand-shaped and measured to guarantee impeccable comfort.

8. Minute components are crafted individually for each frame, including foil-stamped temple interiors, custom-made hinges and functionally crafted hex screws.

Our favourite DITA frames

Each DITA frame captures inspiration that will last a lifetime. They are an investment you can trust - one that will elevate every outfit instantly. While all pieces have an undeniably beauty, here are three of our personal favourites:

1. DITA - LXN-EVO - A true icon with a classic navigator style and statement details, including oversized hinge plates and gradient lenses.

2. DITA - FLIGHT 006 - Inspired by fighter pilots and those post-war years of unrivalled bravery.

3. DITA - MANN - Simply, elegant and utterly timeless, these versatile frames pair Japanese design with eternal beauty.

Are you looking for DITA eye wear? Take a look at our DITA range online or pop into our boutique in Kensington. Our expert opticians will be happy to offer you a comprehensive sight check and help you choose the perfect frames to suit your personal style.