Sunglasses trends for 2023

The past year has already seen the emergence of several fashion trends, from Y2K style to balletcore. Accessorising with the right sunglasses, your look can take on a playful, sporty or sophisticated edge - the choice is yours. Here are some of the best looks to explore in 2023.


Rounded cat-eye frames

The rounded cat-eye is a timeless shape that can work with virtually any outfit, from vintage chic to Y2K. Paired with accessories from specific decades or subcultures, this shape can really cement your look. We recommend the Celine CL40220U and Dior DIORSIGNATURE B3U frames, both of which have a soft, elegant design to complement a range of outfits.

Sporty style

Sporty designs are racing into style this year, with slim, angular shapes and detached rims defining the look. Edgy and cool, they pair well with textured layers and bring an athletic feel to any outfit. The Laniti Limited Edition sunglasses from Dita are a great example of this trend.

pink shade sunglasses


Tortoiseshell frames

Tortoiseshell frames have a classic, timeless style that make them a go-to choice for anyone looking to add texture to their outfits. Versatile with a vintage touch, LGR’s Twiga frames have a chic cat-eye design that suits any occasion, while the Mykita Lite Saima frames combine an on-trend geometric style with a sophisticated, slim frame.

printed sunglasses


Tinted lenses

Retro style is in this season, with tinted lenses making a comeback. Choose a pink lens to add a warm healthy glow to your complexion and improve the appearance of tired eyes, or opt for a yellow tint to cover dark, puffy eyes and bring an element of athleticism to your look. LGR and Garrett Leight do some fabulous tinted lenses that will both protect your eyes and elevate your outfit.

tinted sunglasses


Metallic frames

One of the most versatile trends this year is the metallic frame. Adding a touch of glamour, they can be worn anywhere - a picnic, a lunch date or glamorous event. With a range of frame colours available, you can show off your skin tone perfectly, while a double-bridge style will set you apart. We love the Dita Moddict frames and Mykita No.1 Caleb frames.  

Metallic frames


Fun frames

There’s an element of playfulness to the sunglasses trends of 2023. Many designer sunglasses are bringing fun, futurism and colour to the summer, giving wearers a way to let their personalities shine. Our favourites include Garret Leight’s Jaqueline Sun frames in Cherry, LGR’s Turkana frames in Aquamarina Matt and the Eyevan Mason Sun frames in yellow.

Fun frames


Discover your personal style for 2023

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