Materials used for Eyevan frames

Establishing its own position in the eyewear industry, Eyevan has become a renowned brand, beloved for its quality and style. The Japanese-focused company was the first of its kind, transforming glasses from a functional tool to a fashion-driven accessory. They have garnered a strong following over the years and are regularly spotted perched on the noses of many celebrities. Though their design and unique backstory play a key role in their popularity, Eyevan glasses are widely recognised for their exceptional quality too.


The origin of Eyevan frame materials 

As a brand, Eyevan finds its home in the Japanese city of Sabae. Located in Fukui Prefecture, Sabae is a lucrative industrial centre, producing 90% of Japan’s glassware and pioneering the use of titanium for frame glasses, utilising the metal's lightweight and hypoallergenic benefits to its advantage. As it stands, Sabae produces 20% of all eyeglass frames globally. Over 60% of the city's population is employed in the eyeglass industry, making it one of the most renowned manufacturing districts in the country. 

With a wide variety of styles and designs, Eyevan glasses are designed to withstand continuous wear. They are manufactured from a host of different materials, including titanium and beta titanium as well as acetate, alloy and gold. The Cedar frames, for example, are a stylish example of Eyevan’s distinctive glasses. They are crafted from 3.5mm titanium which has been processed and shaped through the brand's meticulous manufacturing process to ensure comfortable fitting. Even the nose pad has been redesigned, using swaged titanium without any screws to reduce the risk of erosion. 

For those seeking stylish sunglasses, the Espada Sun-E use a thick 6mm acetate paired with a handcrafted bridge to create a stylish European, vintage style. This makes them lightweight and comfortable - the perfect solution for everyday wear while maintaining style. 


Meticulously handcrafted for durability 

Every pair of Eyevan frames have been crafted to last. The manufacturing facility is a haven of tranquillity, buzzing with polishing machines and artisans who focus on their individual areas of expertise. The finish of each pair isn’t approved by a numerical process. Instead, they focus on the skill and experience of their craftsman to ensure the perfect shine on each one. No two pairs of Eyevan glasses are the same - the brand strongly opposes mass-produced products. Instead, each pair will pass through a total of 400 individual steps and the hands of some 50 workers before it is approved for sale. 

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