Eyevan vs Eyevan 7285 - Unveiling the unique styles and stories

Eyevan is a brand long celebrated for its focus on classic beauty and premium design. It has a timeless elegance that has drawn in many celebrity fans over the decades and continues to garner appreciation year on year. With the expansion of its brand in 2013 and the addition of Eyevan 7285 to the family, the opportunity to improve vision and accessorise your look to perfection has become ever easier. While the two brands sit cohesively alongside one another, they each stand on their own front with inspiration and stories drawn from different means. In this article, we will unveil the unique styles and stories behind both collections.

The Eyevan brand - Est 1972

An icon in its own right, Eyevan is hailed as being the very first fashion eyewear brand to launch in Japan back in 1972. The company, originally known under the name ‘Tamamato Optical Lens Manufacturing Company’, was once best known for dust-protective glasses made popular during the 1990s. However, in the early ’70s, Kensuike Izhizu identified a gap in the market for fashion-driven glasses that could compliment Ivy League-inspired clothing, such as sports jackets. Pivoting from the norm, his first collection under the name ‘Eyevan’ was an instant success and allowed those with fashion-conscious minds to maintain their vision without compromising style.


Each piece within the Eyevan collection draws inspiration from the style and tranquillity of Japanese culture. Where once the brand was known for practicality, it went on to garner much appreciation for its contemporary interpretations of classic designs. Every pair of Eyevan glasses and Eyevan sunglasses was and continues to be, manufactured using past designs, moulds and traditional manufacturing methods to ensure unrivalled quality.

Eyevan 7285 - The evolution

The original Eyevan brand saw its greatest surge in popularity when it was taken under the wing of Oliver’s People. From here, the brand began to gain global recognition and expanded worldwide. To celebrate and support this significant expansion, the Eyevan 7285 collection was launched to mark the brand’s 40th anniversary. Here, classic designs were reimagined. Designers delved into the archives of the brand, picking out inspiration from unique styles. Think telescopes, hand mirrors and traditional tools - any interesting detail or accent was drawn upon to create a range of glasses that maintained both contemporary and classical appeal.


The Eyevan 7285 collection is where you’ll find glasses that feel vintage but have that dash of sparkle to them. Take the 762 Sun frames for example. The classic aviator frame has been reimagined with a notched plastic rim detailed with a golden top bar. Larger frames with a flatter curve pay homage to original designs while details including tortoiseshell and metal accents allow for more style flexibility. 

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