All you need to know about Eyevan glasses

Conceptualised, designed and manufactured in Japan, Eyevan glasses have crafted a unique positioning within the eyewear industry. The brand is the first to approach eyewear differently, moving away from simple practicality and focusing instead on fashion and style. With a large celebrity following and timeless designs that compliment every face, Eyevan is one of our most covetable brands with both optical frames and sunglasses available. 

Born in Japan 

The story behind Eyevan is as whimsically beautiful as one would expect from a country famed for its blossom trees and peaceful shrines. Originally known as the Yamamoto Optical Lens Manufacturing Company, the business was best known for its dust-protective glasses of the 1900s. In 1972, Kensuke Izhizu set out to create a range of fashion-driven glasses that complimented the Ivy league-inspired clothing brand, VAN JACKET. The range was an instant hit, allowing eyewear to step forward as a strong contender in the fashion accessories world. In 1985, Eyevan caught the attention of buyers from Oliver Peoples - a Los Angeles-based eyeglasses store. It was this that kick-started its rise to global fame.

The glasses were sold via Oliver's People to an American audience where they gained recognition from such iconic celebrities as Madonna and Princess Diana. By focusing on timeless designs and durable materials, Eyevan delivered to a niche audience that was seeking comfortable eyewear with innovative designs. The company rebranded in 2013 to Eyevan 7285 - a nod to both their origin date and the year in which they emerged in America. Today, they remain a highly revered name with a range of glasses that promises to stand the test of time.

Styles of Eyevan glasses

The aesthetic design of Eyevan glasses has long been a celebration of Japanese culture, focusing on the country's unique style and honed tranquillity. Using artisanal manufacturing methods and techniques, they create eyewear that has a timeless elegance. Many of their lines take inspiration from vintage samples and sketches found in their factory during the design process. With aviator styles such as the Golda Sun crafted with 4 base mineral colour glasses to the rounded design of Balure that draws its inspiration from the 14K reading glasses of the early 1900s, there is a pair to suit everyone.

Those seeking a most trend-conscious design need only consider the Husky-E Sun. With their custom-made 8mm acetate and curved television cut, they have an American vintage silhouette with updated cat eyes. For a studious look, the Xoc frames feature the brand’s unique temple cored with engraving and pentagonal-shaped frames that also complement softer face shapes. Regardless of outfit or personal style, Eyevan manages to craft eyewear that both make a statement and blend seamlessly with your chosen aesthetic too.

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