A sneak peek into GLCO’s design philosophy

Eyewear has evolved significantly over the years, now becoming more than just a way to correct vision. Today, people choose their eyewear just as much for its style and design as for its practicality. Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) is one of the most iconic brands on the market that embraces this ethos at its core. Glasses within its collections aren’t just crafted to withstand the demands of everyday wear. They are designed to accentuate your individual style, bring personality into any outfit and allow you to express yourself through your accessories. The GLCO’s design philosophy has long grown from the belief that perfect craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics should go hand in hand.

GLCO’s design philosophy explained

Established in 2010, GLCO eyewear has seen a surge in popularity with fashion-conscious and celebrity names alike. The entire design aesthetic draws inspiration from the people, places and stories of California. Each pair of glasses has been designed with that ‘easy-going’ flair that the Western state embodies. Think sea salt-encrusted breezes, vibrant sunshine and a relaxed pace of life that invites full-day beach excursions at a whim. This effortless air of class and confidence can be felt through every pair of frames released by the iconic brand. It is also one of the key reasons why so many people go back to them for everything from prescription eyewear to statement GLCO sunglasses.


GLCO’s dedication to quality

Not content with simply crafting beautiful glasses, GLCO puts quality and craftsmanship at the height of importance with every design. Each piece is manufactured ethically, ensuring a fair price for the artisans who dedicate their time along with a continued focus on durability. All materials are chosen for their exceptional quality and sourced from suppliers in the industry that have long been hailed for their expertise. For example, the cured acetates that inject a pop of colour into many frames are sourced from the finest houses in Japan, Italy and China. Each one has been crafted to the exact design specifications of GLCO, creating a truly unique look.


Frames from GLCO aren’t just pushed through a mindless manufacturing line. They are made with care, focusing on intricate details that ensure they stand out from the crowd. New frame designs draw their inspiration from many different sources, looking to movies, art, music and fashion that have made an impact on Californian culture. By adding traditional colours and details from the state’s rich history, GLCO manages to produce frames that are released onto the market with continuously growing demand.

Discover GLCO at The Eye Establishment

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