9 top eyewear trends for 2024

As with the outfits that are showcased on the catwalk each season, so 2024 brings with it a new wave of eyewear trends. The world continues to embrace individuality alongside sustainable design, making for glasses styles that add dimension to the most ordinary of outfits. Whether you choose eyewear for its style or functionality, the 2024 trends can be appreciated by everyone. Read on to learn the top eyewear trends that we’re loving here at The Eye Establishment.

1.    1970’s-inspired hexagonal frames

Mykita Decades AlessiaDuring a time when a struggling economy and health concerns seem to be on every corner, the 1970s have become idolised as a period of carefree fun. It’s no surprise then, that 70s inspired designs have shown up everywhere - even through eyewear. Oversized hexagonal frames, such as the Mykita Decades Alessia glasses are a prime example.

Manufactured from lightweight, stainless steel, they blend contemporary style and historical accents. The perfect statement frames!

2.    Athleisure-luxe frames


Suitable for all occasions and events, athleisure has long been a fashion trend beloved by all. In 2024, this translates into eyewear too, with wraparound-style frames and sports-inspired eyewear.

The Dita Laniti Limited Edition frames are the perfect example. With a single lens blade in red gradient tones and sculpted rose gold titanium spear points, there’s every reason to love their futuristic, sporty design.

3.    Colour gradient lenses

LGR Reunion Bold

Both practical and vintage-inspired, there’s always something to love about colour gradient lenses. When used in sunglasses, the protective lenses prevent eye damage while optimising vision from down below. They also allow you to play with colour practically and in a way that will compliment any outfit.

The LGR Reunion Bold frames are an ideal example. With iconic round frames and a yellow-to-brown colour gradient, they are versatile enough for all-day use.

4.    Transparent frames

Jacqueline Sun

As we continue to embrace natural beauty in 2024, transparent frames are becoming increasingly popular. Largely made from acetate, these see-through glasses cause little distraction, work with every skin tone and compliment all facial structures too.

The Jacqueline Sun frames from the Garret Leight sunglasses for women range have an iconic ’90s silhouette with versatility to suit both formal and casual wear alike.

5.    Vintage-esque flat-top frames

LGR Tripoli frames
A statement and unique design, flat-top frames promise to be a firm favourite in 2024. They bring an edge to your style with a bold, geometric silhouette that allows you to be truly adventurous Choose the LGR Tripoli frames with their vintage sophistication and definitive shape.

6.    Elegant oval frames

Dita Sincetta

Softening square face shapes and balancing out your features, oval frames manage to embrace both vintage and contemporary styles equally. They were spotted on the Miu Miu catwalk, creating a ‘nerd’-inspired design that celebrates intelligent fashion.

The Dita Sincetta frames bring femininity and cutting-edge tech, with exceptionally thin titanium frames and a spear-tip detail.

7.    Entirely frameless glasses

Lunor Classic Oval M frames

Another style designed to accentuate natural beauty, frameless glasses have once again become popular with the most fashion-driven individuals. The Lunor Classic Oval M frames are a timeless design, crafted by a much-renowned family company and designed to embrace classic silhouettes.

8.    Metallic detailed frames

Eyevan Jonathan

Metal frames have long been a popular choice for eyewear, but this has grown in 2024. With collections such as the Ralph Lauren SS24 range embracing metallics fully, this detail translates perfectly into glasses too.

The Eyevan Jonathan  frames are one such example, crafted from titanium with antique gold, silver and copper details.

9.    Oversized square lenses


Another vintage silhouette that takes you back to more carefree times, oversized frames create an iconic style. Opt for square lenses and you take this look into the modern world, adding dimension and angles to all face shapes. Choose the Dita Luzpa sunglasses and you’re sure to leave an unforgettable, lasting impression on every onlooker.

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