8 Things Not to do When Wearing Contact Lenses

While getting the right prescription for your glasses lenses is a must, choosing the frames is also a big deal. The right glasses can help you to feel confident, stylish and powerful. But if you’re a sports fan or are after something more discreet, contact lenses are a great alternative. There are certain things you should and shouldn’t do while wearing them, however. Here are eight things you should avoid when wearing contacts.

 1. Do not wear your lenses longer than intended

Most soft, disposable contact lenses can be worn for long periods of time; up to 16 hours in some cases. But your optometrist will offer specialist advice when you get your lenses fitted. As a rule, don’t sleep in your lenses as your eyes will feel sore and dry and could even get stuck in your eye.

 2. Don’t assume your prescriptions are the same

Most people have one glasses prescription and a separate one for contact lenses. As such, don’t simply assume the two will be the same and order lenses online. It’s vital to see a trained optometrist to have your lens prescription confirmed professionally. This will help you avoid sight and health issues.

 3. Don’t wear lenses that aren’t prescribed for you

As a contact lens wearer it can be tempting to borrow other people’s unused lenses if you’ve forgotten yours or are waiting on an order. This is inadvisable, however, as the wrong prescription can actually make your eyes worse. Similarly, you should never share lenses with a friend or family member as there’s a high risk of bacteria and infection occurring.

 4. Don’t get contact lenses wet

Water from the shower, swimming pools or sea can damage your contact lenses. If contacts get wet they may also harbour bacteria which can lead to eye infections. If you do get them wet, it’s best to dispose of them and get a fresh pair.

 5. Don’t touch your contacts with dirty hands

Always wash your hands before putting in your contact lenses to minimise bacteria. Furthermore, never rub your eyes while wearing contacts as this could lead to irritation. If your eyes feel sore, take your lenses out, wear your glasses for a while and then try again later with clean, dry hands.

 6. Don’t let other products get into your eyes

If it’s hot outside, beware of sunscreen and makeup getting into your eyes. This can lead to soreness and irritation. Thick suncream can also smear your lenses making it hard to see. Preventative measures include wearing a sweatband during exercise and not applying excessive amounts of sun cream on your forehead.

 7. Don’t wear lenses that have been dropped

If you accidentally drop your contact lenses, do not pick them up and wear them. Even if they look clean, they might have picked up tiny particles that could scratch your eyes and there’s always the risk of bacteria. To be safe, pop back to the glasses shop and ask for replacements if you’ve run out.

 8. Don’t use a sauna while wearing contacts

Relaxing in the sauna can be good for your well-being and mental health - but don’t forget to remove your contact lenses first. The hot air in a sauna can dry out your contacts making them feel uncomfortable and scratchy.

Whether you decide to wear stylish glasses, contact lenses or both, make sure you book an eye test and get an accurate prescription before taking the next step. For most people, it’s advisable to book an eye test at least once every two years to make sure everything is functioning properly.