2024 Summer Sunglasses Trends to Watch Out For

If 2023 was the year of the accessory, 2024 is certainly the year of eyewear. The Bayonetta style has experienced a resurgence this year, and everyone from Bella Hadid to Doja Cat are sporting their prescription frames at events. Eyewear offers an effortless way to pull together your outfit, whether you’re hitting the beach or heading out on a summer shopping spree. Read on to learn more about the 2024 summer sunglasses trends to watch out for, and discover the top picks from our independent optician.

The Modern Cat Eye

First popular in the 1950s, cat eye glasses create angular dimension and interest on all face shapes. In 2024, this classic style has been modernised with even sharper corners and bright colours. Styles such as the Miss Dior B1U and the Celine CL40236I showcase the versatility of these glasses and their ability to entirely upgrade a look with ease.

The Elevated Aviator

The aviator may have started life as a practical pilot's accessory but, in 2024, it becomes so much more. These double bridge, full-coverage glasses are now being crafted from sustainable, lightweight materials and in oversized dimensions. An eyewear style that is versatile and on-trend, the aviator easily transitions from daytime workwear to evenings out. Take the EyeVan 7285 - 762 Sun frames or the Dior Signature A3U glasses as inspiration.

The Athletic Rectangular Frame

Athleisure continues to be a much-loved trend moving into 2024, however the focus now shifts to racer-style designs. Think elongated rectangular frames that wrap around the face - much like elevated ski goggles. With their ergonomic shape, these sunglasses have an unrivalled elegance and add a sporty twist to any outfit.


The Bayonetta

Geek chic is back with the re-emergence of the Bayonetta frame. Small in size and with an oval or square design, they are the TikTok trend of the season thanks to the Japanese video game heroine with the same name. Pop a pair on to bring sophistication and retro glamour to any outfit.


The Top-bar Frame

Drawing attention to your eyewear has never been so in vogue. The top-bar frame does just that, creating a bold look that makes your sunglasses the focal point of your ensemble. The DITA MACH-EIGHT and LGR Reunion II are great examples of this trend.

The Rose-Tinted Lens

An injection of colour into any outfit that won’t hinder the rest of your style, rose-tinted glasses have a romantic edge that finds its place here in 2024. They are subtle enough for everyday wear while adding personality too. Opt for the Garrett Leight Woz Sun or Mykita Lite Sima frames this summer.

If you’re looking to sport the latest sunglasses trends this summer, pop into The Eye Establishment today. Our experts will help you find your signature style while protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays. We’re also the best optician in London’s Kensington district, so if you’re searching online for ‘an eye optician near me’, book an appointment. We’ll ensure you’re wearing the right prescription and that your eyes are in good health.