MYKITA: When technique meets aesthetics


MYKITA is an independent eyewear brand founded in Berlin in 2003. Yes, contrarily to what some people might think, MYKITA is not a Japanese brand. The reason behind the name is that the company’s first premises were settled in a former kindergarten, called ‘Kita’ in German.

You might not know about MYKITA yet, but during their last decade as an independent brand, while competing against big companies like Luxottica, Safilo Group and Marcolin, they have definitely made a place for themselves in the luxury eye wear market.

This comes as no surprise to us, as this fashion-forward brand has become known over the years for its exceptionally well-crafted designs that redefine luxury eye wear. MYKITA is famous for its extremely modern and lightweight frames, use of innovative materials and their combination of handmade craftsmanship and latest cutting-edge technology.

A long time ago, opticals and sunglasses stopped limiting themselves to their functional aspect to become a cult accessory; and MYKITA has taken full advantage of this. By collaborating with fashion heavyweights such as Maison Margiela, and most recently, Martine Rose, MYKITA has become firmly established in the international fashion world, even if that wasn’t the brand’s intention in the first place. What we mean by this is that, as Moritz Krueger -the company’s founder- stated in a Hong Kong Tatler interview, MYKITA is “more in line with industrial or product design than fashion design.”


This has not stopped many high-profile celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John, Beyonce, Lady Gaga or the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle to be seduced by their extraordinary designs. From exaggerated styles for the more adventurous clientele to more visually approachable frames inspired by vintage eye wear, there is something for everyone.

Whatever the style, all MYKITA frames have one thing in common: their quality is like no other. Each pair of glasses is handmade using a patented hinge-less construction with no screws or welded joints, which means that they are exceptionally durable, bendable and almost unbreakable.

At The Eye Est, we believe that what MYKITA does is pure magic. They take classic shapes and make them contemporary and modern by using new, high-tech materials obtained from the automotive, kitchen and medical supplies industries, as well as stainless steel, acetate and Mylon. As Moritz said, “There is no reason why we should not be able to create a really beautiful pair of eye wear that has all this technology integrated. This will definitely be part of the future. It just makes sense.”

Everyone knows that the German are serious about everything they do. They are organised and love rules. Therefore, it just makes sense that all their production is made in-house by highly-qualified artisans, as they have absolute control of every step of the process of creating a frame. It is fascinating to know that every element of each eye wear model has been considered and thought-out down to the smallest detail. This has essentially been one of the main reasons for their huge success as an independent brand and the most important factor that made us decide to add this brand to our collection.

This technically sophisticated and fashion-savvy brand is definitely one to watch for the upcoming year. If you love brands that like challenging the norms and doing things differently, it’s never too late to add a pair of MYKITA’s to your wish-list this Christmas, we already have.

Words by Valeria Martinez

Fashion Executive for The Eye Establishment

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