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Dita Eye wear

From luxurious acetates and custom hardware to elegantly sculpted lightweight titanium, the list of DITA’s innovations in eyewear is unrivaled, offering a vision for the future as memorable as its past.Our independent opticians offer a wide range of Dita eyeglasses, from clear to coloured and non-prescription to Dita prescription glasses.

Founded in 1995, DITA reinvented eyewear by transcending its conventions, creating a discreet luxury with product ranging from bold character frames to new interpretations of timeless shapes through innovative technology. With over 25 years in design and partners at the highest levels of manufacturing, DITA’s expertise is unparalleled, earning a coveted reputation as a true leader in optical innovation

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Includes: Original DITA case - Original DITA cloth - 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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